Our Story

Entrepreter was created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

Entrepreter is a mobile application and web based entrepreneurship assessment and digital coaching service. Founded in 2018 by Dr Hajo Morallane, Entrepreter is based on her doctoral study on entrepreneurship in South Africa, and her knowledge and experience as an emerging entrepreneur in a developing country. Research shows that most businesses fail. The focus is often on the businesses which failed and seldom on the entrepreneur. At Entrepreter, we focus on the individual entrepreneur and how best to support him to adapt and survive. Dr Hajo investigated the relationship between personality traits and cognitive adaptability of established entrepreneurs. Cognitive adaptability is the ability to adapt decision making in unpredictable environments.

The results revealed that a personality-cognitive adaptability profile can be constructed for established entrepreneurs. Personality traits and entrepreneurial cognitions are seen as important factors that lead to long-term performance, which is needed for entrepreneurs to survive. Entrepreneurs who are aware of how their individual profiles align to the established entrepreneur benchmark are likely to plan and prepare better for long term performance.